Nagi no Asukara – Mukaido Manaka ~ Windows XP Theme by Mizuki Yuni


This is anime theme from anime Nagi no Asukara. I personally really enjoyed this anime until the second season, where the anime just became another cheap average romance shitshow. Oops, i said too much! Anyway, just enjoy the theme and have a good day!

Theme Details:
Title: [Theme Win XP] Nagi no asukara By Mizuki Yuni
Anime: Nagi no Asukara (A Lull in the Sea, Nagi no Asu Kara, Earth color of a calm, 凪のあすから)
Character: Mukaido Manaka (向井戸 まなか)
Compatibility: Windows XP
Creator: Mizuki Yuni
File Size: 6.1 MB


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